Disclosure of Lobbying or Lobbying Activity Form

To further promote full and complete transparency, Margate City Commissioners must disclose any and all lobbying activities that knowingly occur between themselves and individual lobbyists or their principal or employers outside of their city commission offices or city premises. This shall include communication by any form of telephonic or electronic media. Disclosure shall be made within ten (10) business days of the lobbying activity, but must in any event, be made prior to any vote on a matter that was the subject of the lobbying activity. The disclosure shall be made in a legible manner and filed with the Margate City Clerk’s Office by completing this form and clicking “submit” below. The registration will be filed for public inspection

"Under Florida law, the information you provide on this form is considered public record. Please be advised that under the Code of Broward County (Sec. 1-19) the City of Margate is required to publicly disclose the information provided on this form in a searchable format on the internet."

I. Lobbyist Information
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II. Lobbyist Retained By
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