2018 Election Information

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 (General)

City Commission Seats up for Election - Seat 3 and Seat 5 (four-year terms)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Margate Ballot Questions

 #1 - Issuance Of General Obligation Bonds For Parks And Recreation Projects

May the City of Margate issue, in one or more series, not to exceed $10,000,000 general obligation bonds bearing interest at not exceeding the maximum legal rate and maturing not later than thirty years after the date(s) of issuance, to finance the costs of acquiring, constructing, equipping, renovating, replacing and improving parks and recreation projects all to be located in the City of Margate?

FOR BONDS ____________

AGAINST BONDS ____________

 #2 - Charter Amendment Concerning Procurement Regulations

Should the City Charter be amended to remove sections 4.10 and 4.11 regarding the monetary thresholds for City Manager and City Commission administration and approval of procurement matters so that all procurement regulations, including the monetary thresholds for review, can be consolidated into the City Code of Ordinances and thereafter subject to amendment by ordinance?

YES ____________

NO ____________

#3 - Charter Amendment-Unlimited Terms Of Office

Members of the City Commission are currently limited to serving no more than three consecutive four-year terms in office. Shall section of Article III “Legislative” of the City Charter which reference or relate to term limitations be amended to eliminate term limits for Members of the City Commission?

YES ____________

NO ____________

#4 - Charter Amendment Authority To Appoint, Suspend, Remove Police Chief, Fire Chief, Assistant City Manager

The Chiefs of the Police Department and Fire Rescue Department and Assistant City Manager are currently subject to appointment, suspension and removal by the City Manager. Shall Section (a) of Article IV the City Charter be amended to provide that the City Commission rather than the City Manager have authority to appoint, suspend and remove the Chief of the Police Department and the Chief of the Fire-Rescue Department and Assistant City Manager?

YES ____________

NO ____________

General Election

This is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are chosen. Additionally, it is a regularly scheduled local, state, or national election in which voters elect office-holders. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years, on dates authorized by laws governing municipal elections in Broward County.

If you need further clarification about the City's Bond Referendum and Charter Amendments, please call (954) 935-5252.

Municipal Election

Municipalities have governing bodies whereby the members are elected by the voters.  Each of the 31 municipalities in Broward has a Charter which stipulates the term of the office and the frequency of the elections.  Until 2004, all Broward municipalities held their elections the second Tuesday in March.  One city also requires a Primary Election and that is held the second Tuesday in February. These are called stand-alone elections and the municipalities bear the costs for the election. 

Other municipalities have now moved their elections to the General Election in even-numbered years and their candidates are listed after the other non-partisan offices listed on the ballot.  Referendum questions are listed after the state and county questions. Municipalities are permitted to move their elections by virtue of the passage of special legislation. 

Early Voting – Unlike the County, Early Voting is optional for municipalities if it is a stand-alone election.

Absentee Ballots – As in all other elections, municipal voters have the option to vote by absentee.  Requests can be made to the Broward County Supervisor of Elections’ Office in person, e-mail, phone call or in writing. 

Candidate Qualifying - The criteria required for an elected office is contingent upon the requisites of the level of the office desired. Where the candidates file their respective campaign documents and where they qualify is dependent on the level of the office.  For candidates running for Municipal offices, the qualifying officer is the Municipal Clerk. All campaign documents are therefore filed with the Municipal Clerk. The Qualifying Period for the 2018 November Election concluded at noon on Friday, June 22, 2018.

In the City of Margate, our Municipal Election is scheduled during even-numbered years for the month of November per the City of Margate Charter.

Registering to Vote

You can access forms and information on registering to vote at www.browardsoe.org.

City of Margate Polling Places

Area Business Location
Coral Bay Clubhouse
3101 S Bay Drive
Abundant Life Church
7955 Royal Palm Boulevard
Coral Cay Plantation
6500 Colonial Drive
Paradise Gardens Section Number 4 CH
7700 Margate Boulevard
Oriole Golf & Tennis Phase 1 CH
7777 Golf Circle Drive
Charley Katz Community Center
6111 NW 10th Street
Atlantic West Elementary School
301 NW 69th Terrace
Oakland Hills Social Center
800 SW 51st Avenue
Atlantic West Elementary School
301 NW 69th Terrace
Cokesbury United Methodist Church
1801 NW. 65th Avenue
Liberty Elementary School
2450 Banks Road
Oriole Gardens Phase 1 Clubhouse
7400 NW 5th Court
Oriole Gardens Phase 1 Clubhouse
7400 NW 5th Court
Margate Middle School
500 NW 65th Avenue
Oriole Golf & Tennis Phase 1 CH
7777 Golf Circle Drive
Holiday Springs Village Auditorium
3131 Holiday Springs Boulevard

Precinct Finder

To know your polling location for Election Day, use our precinct finder

For more information, please email the City Clerk’s Office or call them at 954-935-5326.

2018 City of Margate Precinct Map

To view a 24" by 36" Precinct Map of the City of Margate, please click here.

2018 Sample Ballot

To view a copy of the City of Margate’s November 6, 2018, “Sample Ballot”, please click here. Please note: the attached sample ballot is specific to Commission elections and initiatives being brought forward by the City of Margate. To download the entire ballot, which would include State and County elections and initiatives, please visit the Broward Supervisor of Elections website at www.browardsoe.org. Posting of the sample ballot is for informational purposes only. Should you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 954-935-5326 or jjkavanagh@margatefl.com.