Margate Fire Explorer Post 815

The Margate Fire Department Explorer Post program was started in 1992, to provide an insight into the career opportunities and by practical participation in the field of Fire Rescue. The program was designed for anyone still in high school. They must be physically able to perform the necessary tasks of a Firefighter Paramedic.


Explorers receive training in CPR, First Aid on the First Responder level, search and rescue, hose handling, ladder techniques, ropes and knots, handling and use of self-contained breathing apparatus, and proper use of most fire-rescue equipment. After completing a three month probationary period in the program, Explorers are allowed to ride along on MFD rescue or engine companies. Before riding, cadets must obtain a CPR card, basic medical skills, and exhibit the knowledge of location and use of all equipment on the apparatus they are riding on.

Ride Along

When Explorers ride along with the members of MFD, they will perform the same functions as the firefighter/paramedics such as apparatus and station maintenance, station training, and emergency calls. On fire calls, Explorers are not allowed to enter the burning building, but they do perform other valuable tasks. Some of these tasks include laying hose, changing SCBA bottles, salvage and overhaul, and assisting the driver/ engineer with his functions. 

On rescue calls, Explorers will assist the paramedics by taking vital signs, setting up IVs, gathering patient information, holding traction, retrieving equipment, and general patient care. The ride along program gives the Explorers the unique opportunity to observe and perform with a team of professionals during real emergency situations while still keeping them safe.


Explorers perform various demonstrations for local events such as National Night Out, Veterans Day, Fourth of July and city-wide open house. In addition, Explorers also tour other fire departments such as Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale Airport, and the Fire Academy.


The Explorers meet every other Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The meeting takes place at: 

Station 98
5395 NW 24th Street
Margate, FL 33063

Other meetings are scheduled as needed.


There is a $40 at the beginning of the first year and $30 every year thereafter. The fee pays for registration and additional forms to be processed. Explorers are provided with their required uniform shirts. MFD provides bunker gear for the Explorers to use. Explorers must provide their own pair of all-black boots for ride-along and sneakers for physical fitness training.

Explorer Membership Application