Margate Citizens Academy

Margate Citizens Academy (MCA) is an eight-week interactive program designed to help residents get an up-close look at local government. 

Margate Citizens Academy is free and open to Margate residents and business owners over 18 years of age. During the session, classes take place once per week at various City facilities including City Hall, Calypso Cove, the Department of Environmental and Engineering Services, a fire station, the Police Training & Transit Center, and the Northwest Focal Point Senior Center. 

The goal of MCA is to help residents become more knowledgeable, engaged citizens. The information and resources provided will enable them to have an increased understanding of the City’s organizational structure and the operations of the various City departments that impact the quality of life in Margate.

Although participants are encouraged to attend all classes, only six of eight sessions are mandatory for graduation. MCA is sponsored by the City Commission and coordinated by the City Manager’s Office.

Registration for the upcoming Citizens Academy is currently on hold due to COVID-19. For more information, please send an email to

2019 Margate Citizens Academy Graduates

2019 Margate Citizens Academy graduates