Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program

The Margate City Commission unanimously voted in favor of supporting Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs that would assist Margate property owners with financing for energy efficiency, wind resistance and renewable energy upgrades to their homes. PACE programs allow a property owner to make certain improvements, such as roof replacement, installing solar panels, tank-less water heaters, hurricane proof windows and any other storm safety repairs or improvements to their property and finance the costs by placing them on the property tax roll as a special assessment for that property. The property owner then pays off the special assessment over time, together with their property taxes. 

PACE financing helps property owners overcome the barrier of high up-front costs, and thus encourage the installation of renewable-energy equipment and other improvements that would increase energy efficiency and wind resistance.

The PACE programs available in Margate are:

Clean Energy Green Corridor

 Ygrene,, 866-634-1358 (Residential and Commercial)

Florida Green Finance Authority

Renew Financial,, 844-736-3934 (Residential and Commercial)

 Florida Pace Funding District

CounterpointeSRE,, 855-431-4400 (Commercial only)

 FortiFi,, 858-345-2000 (Residential only)

 PACE Funding Group LLC,, 800-231-6991 (Residential only)

 Florida Resiliency Energy District (FRED)

CleanFund, 833-2CF-PACE (Commercial only)

 Dividend Finance,, 844-805-7100 (Commercial only)

 Enhanced Capital,, 303-390-1655 (Commercial only)

 Greenworks Lending,, 917-968-0948 (Commercial only)

 PACE Equity,, 855-378-0858 (Commercial only)

 PACE Loan Group,, 612-355-2606 (Commercial only)

 Poppy Banks,, 888-636-9994 (Commercial only)

 Rockwood Group,, 314-380-5999 (Commercial only)

 Stonehill PACE,, 470-298-3715 (Commercial only)

 Twain Financial,, 314-300-4135 (Commercial only)

 White Oak,, 415-644-4142 (Commercial only)

 Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the PACE program.

For information about the City's participation, please contact Department of Environmental & Engineering Services, at (954) 972-0828.