Alarm Application

Alarm Application

Protecting your home and property by installing an alarm system is an increasingly popular idea. For those residents and business owners who install an alarm, we encourage you to maintain the operational reliability of your system. In addition, the proper use of your system is essential in order to reduce or eliminate unnecessary police and fire emergency responses due to false alarms and alarm malfunctions. All alarm systems have distinct similarities and differences; all systems include areas that are monitored, such as doors and windows. Some include some sort of computer panel or device to send a signal, to a monitoring station. The monitoring station is one central place that acts as the link between your alarm system and whoever you utilize to respond to alarm activation. Traditionally, this is a police department, but it could also be a private security firm. The purpose of the City of Margate Alarm Ordinance is to encourage security alarm users to maintain operational reliability and to ensure the proper use of alarm systems thereby limiting unnecessary police emergency responses to false alarms/alarm malfunctions. National studies have shown that 98% of all alarm calls to law enforcement involve false alarms.

The National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) recommends that you take these easy steps to prevent false alarms:

  • Become familiar with how to operate the system and how to use its features. Studies have
  • shown that human error accounts for 75% of all false alarms!
  • Please read and retain the operator's manual for your security system.
  • Make sure that everyone who has a key to your home or business knows how to operate
  • the security system.
  • Rehearse alarm cancellation with everyone who might use your system.
  • If your system does not seem to be working properly, call your security company.
  • Call your security company if you change your phone number, or plan to move.
  • Test your system regularly. Notify your security monitoring company when you test your
  • system.
  • When purchasing a system, deal only with a licensed, reputable company that obtains the
  • required installation permits.

All residential and business alarms in the city must have a permit and must be registered. Failure to register an alarm could result in fees and fines up to $175.00. Applications may be obtained, and fees paid ($25.00 alarm registration fee) at the Margate Police Department Records Unit from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, excluding legal holidays, or download and mail the completed application and a check or money order for the administrative permit fee to: Margate Police Department Attention: Records Unit/Alarm Coordinator 5790 Margate Boulevard, Margate, FL 33063.

The use of certified mail or some other form of delivery confirmation is recommended for applications that are sent via postal mail. Upon completion of the alarm application and payment of the permit fee, applicants are issued an alarm permit decal that bears a unique registration number. This decal should be posted in a prominent location at your home or business. There is a one time, non-refundable administrative permit fee of $25.00. The holder of an alarm permit shall be subject to warnings, fees, or loss of permit depending on the number of false alarms registered by his/her system. The false alarm fee schedule is as follows:

1. First three false alarms - No fee

2. Fourth false alarm - $25.00

3. Fifth false alarm - $50.00

4. Sixth false alarm - $75.00

5. Seventh through ninth - $100.00 per occurrence

After the ninth response, the alarm permit shall be revoked and the Police will not respond to further alarms until the alarm is repaired and all delinquent fees are paid. A fine of $100.00 will be charged to anyone operating a non-permitted system. The non-permitted alarm assessment may be waived upon payment of the administrative permit fee. If you are a new home or business owner, you are required to register your alarm regardless of whether the previous owner or occupant registered their alarm. 

For additional information, call the Margate Police Alarm Coordinator at 954-935-5396