4th of July Fireworks Wrap-up

Fireworks Celebration Brings City Together
by Maya Washburn

The City of Margate hosted Independence Day festivities this past Wednesday, the Fourth of July, on Margate Boulevard and 441. The fireworks event began at 9:00 pm with a precursor of spirited live band music and a variety of food trucks. The area was filled Fireworkswith feelings of excitement and anticipation complete with sing-a-longs to the music and picnic-style seating on the grass. Families and individuals alike came together to enjoy the special night, and this made the friendly community aspect of Margate evident.

The city sported cooler weather in the low 80s and light rain during the fireworks show. Although rain might not typically be considered the ideal weather condition for fireworks, it created a pleasant ambiance. The rain was light enough for the show to go on without a problem and to cool the air off simultaneously. The fireworks began promptly at 9:00 pm and ended at about 9:30 pm, which maintained timeliness for families with kids who were in attendance. The show consisted of a wide range of unique fireworks, including some of which appeared to be raining down, sparkling, or even bursting every which way. It seemed as if the people’s shared awe of the blazing fireworks created togetherness and unity within our city and even our country as a whole that night. The sharing of umbrellas, bonding of families, and friendly conversations spoke for themselves and made this a memorable Fourth of July evening.

Clearly, Margate’s Independence Day festivities were a success and it is evident that our city’s community even grew closer through the celebration. From police officers protecting pedestrians to the smiles shared between food truck workers and customers, our community represented the kind foundations of Independence from which America was born.

Maya Washburn, 16, is a Margate resident and journalistic writer. She is the Managing Editor of her school newspaper, The Megabytes Speak, and a journalist for the school's new show, Megabyte News Network. She is currently dually enrolled at Florida Virtual School and Polk State University.