Chief of Police Joseph Galaska

Joseph Galaska has 29 years of law enforcement experience including the last 2 years as Chief of Police for the City of Margate. He began his career with Seminole Department of Law Enforcement in 1993. In 1995, he joined the Margate Police Department, the city where he grew up. After several years as a road patrol officer, he was assigned to the Neighborhood Policing Division. During this time, he engaged with the community members and businesses to build partnerships and problem solve. While he was in Neighborhood Policing, he became a Field Training and Bicycle Officer. In 2001, he was selected to manage Planning and Research, where he developed policies, General Orders, programs, and successfully submitted awarded grants.

Chief Galaska was promoted to Sergeant in 2002 where he oversaw the Road Patrol Division for the next five years and in 2007, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. As Lieutenant, he served Neighborhood Policing Division and Code Enforcement until 2012 where he returned to the Road Patrol Division as Commander, additionally he took on the arduous task of the Special Duty Detail Coordinator. In 2017, Chief Galaska was re-assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau supervising the Criminal Investigations Unit, Special Enforcement Team, Special Operations Unit and Crime Scene Unit.

After thirteen years, as a Lieutenant, Chief Galaska was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2020, where he was responsible for the Field Services and Investigative Services Bureau. In 2021, Chief Galaska was appointed as Acting, then Intern Chief of Police until he was selected by the City Commission to take the role of Chief of Police permanently.

Chief Galaska brings years of public safety experience to bare on this ever-changing profession, continuing to be a change agent for the employees, procuring state of the art equipment for the safety of all police employees, and focusing on training for its employees to keep the Margate Police Department at the top of the profession in South Florida. Known for his two mottos: “Make me Proud” and “Do Better,” Chief Galaska is continuing to focus on training his officers and employees to be the best they can be to serve the community where he grew up and continues to reside.