PullOver Pal

Pullover Pal

Are you or a loved one hard of hearing or deaf? 

Sometimes interactions with law enforcement on traffic related incidents can naturally increase stress levels. 

The City of Margate has implemented the Pullover Pal; a useful, water proof tool that holds all the necessary documents needed when getting pulled over by law enforcement. The Pullover Pal conveniently folds over the car window, and provides easy access for the law enforcement officer to obtain the documents. 

 Also, inside of the Pullover Pal there are clearly marked cards that notify the law enforcement officer of your impairment. When not being used, the Pullover Pal folds up to a compact size, making it easy to store. 

The Pullover Pal is a great tool to foster a positive interaction with law enforcement, and to mitigate the stress you may feel when getting pulled over! If you’re interested in receiving a Pullover Pal, please click on the link below and fill out the form!  

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