Code Violations

Code complaince house diagram

1 | Overgrown Grass

Grass/weeds must be cut and maintained (including edging and weedeating). Grass cannot exceed six inches in height. Sec. 22-1

2 | Hedges

Hedges must be maintained in a neat condition. They cannot exceed six feet in height and must be trimmed back from sidewalks           and streets. Sec. 3.14

3 | House Maintenance 

Exterior of homes must be maintained in a neat clean condition. Paint should be uniform in color free of peeling, chips, cracks, and         mold.  All wood must be solid free of breaks (roofs, fascia, trim, frames, etc.). Sec. 40.4

4 | House Address

House address must be posted on front of house. Numbers must be at least four inches in height. The number’s color must contrast       from house color in order to be visible. Sec. 35-14

5 | Hurricane Shutters

Any device (including wood or approved hurricane shutters) used for the securing of a property during a declared hurricane or tropical storm shall be removed no later than ten (10) days after the lifting of any hurricane or tropical storm warning or watch. Sec. 40.12

6 | Roof Maintenance

Roofs shall be structurally sound, watertight and shall prevent rainwater or moisture from entering the walls, ceilings or any other portion of the dwelling, commercial building or structure. All building roofs and gutters shall be kept free of faded or chipped paint and shall be maintained in good repair and in good condition to prevent deterioration, and must be cleaned (pressure and/or chemical), repainted or recovered with like material(s) when twenty-five (25) per cent or more of any exposed roof surface becomes discolored or is scaling. In the event a roof shingle or tile is replaced, the replacement shingle or tile shall be of the closest possible color and shade to the existing roofing shingles or tiles. Sec. 40.4

Note -  Tarps may only be used temporarily in the event of a roof leak. Tarps cannot be used as a permanent solution.

7 | Pool Maintenance

Pool must be cleaned and maintained in a sanitary condition. Sec. 33-103

8 | Tree Maintenance

Trees must be maintained in a healthy growing condition. Branches may not fall below 8 feet over sidewalks or canals, and may not fall below 14 feet over streets. Pruning must be performed in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A-300). Tree abuse/hatracking is strictly prohibited. Dead trees/stumps must be removed. Sec. 23-12

9 | Fences

Fences must be maintained in a good condition, free of breaks. Fences in a residential area cannot exceed six feet in height and require a Building Permit to install. Sec. 3.14 

10 | Junk/Trash/Debris

No junk/trash/landscape debris/vehicle parts/construction materials shall be allowed to accumulate on any property. It is considered a nuisance and potential safety hazard to the surrounding community. Sec. 33-29

11 | Bulk Trash Pick-Up 

Single-family dwelling units shall place their bulky waste curbside by 7:00 a.m. on their scheduled collection day but not earlier than three (3) days prior to their scheduled collection day. Sec. 19-8

12 | Driveways/ Parking Areas 

Driveways must be constructed of an improved surface (asphalt/concrete/block) permitted by the city’s Building Department.  They must be maintained free of potholes, cracks, and surface hazards.  Gravel, mulch, rock, dirt driveways are not permitted. Sec. 40.4 

13 | Boat/RV Parking

Boats/RV’s cannot exceed 35’ in length. They must be parked on a permitted driveway or on the side of the house not to protrude past the front of the house.  They cannot be parked on public property. Sec. 26-3

14 | Commercial Vehicles

Permitted commercial vehicles (factory-stock vehicles with commercial lettering) must be parked on the resident’s driveway.  Altered vehicles (pick-up trucks with the stock bed removed), box trucks, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, buses, tow trucks, dump trailers, enclosed trailers with commercial lettering are prohibited commercial vehicles and are not permitted in a residential area at any time unless actively performing work on a property. Sec. 26-2

15 | Vehicle Registration/ Operability

All vehicles on a property must have a current registration (cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, etc.) and be operable unless they are stored in a completely enclosed structure (garage) with the door down. Sec. 3.10

16 | Vacant/Foreclosed/Rental Property

All vacant/foreclosed/rental property within the city must register with the Code Compliance Department. A semi-annual non-refundable fee of $300 must be paid. The property must be maintained to all city standards. Sec. 40.16