Where can I get clear plastic bags for yard waste?

City staff surveyed local stores and found clear plastic bags available at the following locations at the time of the survey:

Stores in Margate

NameAddressBag Sizes Available
Ace Hardware5843 Margate Boulevard, Margate, FL 3306342-gallon and 50-gallon 
Winn Dixie5600 West Sample Road, Margate, FL 3307330-gallon and 13- gallon 

Stores in Nearby Areas

NameAddressBag Sizes Available
Home Depot4450 N State Road 7, Coconut Creek, FL 3307350-gallon 
Home Depot1195 S State Road 7,     Coral Springs, FL 3307150-gallon
Walmart3801 Turtle Creek Road, Coral Springs, FL 3306730-gallon

Clear plastic bags can also be found online through Amazon, Google, and various other online retailers.

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