What are the benefits of PACE?

No upfront cost. Flexible repayment terms up to 30 years (depending on the program and project). Improvements may increase property value. Improvements may decrease utility and/or insurance costs. Improvements may increase safety and resiliency of property. PACE assessment may transfer to new owner if the property is sold.

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1. What is Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)?
2. What kinds of improvements are eligible for PACE financing?
3. What are the benefits of PACE?
4. Is PACE right for me?
5. Will a PACE assessment affect my monthly mortgage payment?
6. How do I qualify for PACE financing?
7. Why do the PACE providers need to pull my credit?
8. What happens if I sell or refinance my property?
9. Can I payoff my PACE assessment early? Are there penalties?
10. What are the interest rates?
11. Can I use any contractor?
12. Are the PACE programs funded/subsidized with City funds?
13. What happens if a PACE assessment is not paid?