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Home of the Month Nomination Form

  1. This is the place to nominate yourself or your neighbor for the City of Margate's Home of the Month Award. Fill in the boxes below, and click the submit button to enter into the contest. Be sure to notify your neighbor if you plan on nominating them.
  2. Thanks for participating!
  3. Nominating My Home*
  4. Do you have City liens on your property or do you owe any sums to the City?
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    I understand that upon submission, this photograph, and all of the copy and trademark rights associated with the photograph, becomes the property of the City of Margate. I hereby grant permission to the City of Margate to use this photograph of my residence at their discretion with no compensation or credit to me, or to any party with an interest in the subject residence. I have read all of the attached program information and guidelines and agree to them. By selecting the I Accept button below, I agree that my initials (printed above) serve as my digital signature, authenticate this writing and will have the same force and effect as the use of a manual signature.
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