About the Police Department

Proactive Approach

Our proactive approach to addressing crime and quality of life issues has resulted in consistent crime rate reductions since 2010. We are extremely pleased and exceptionally proud that our community's crime rate index continues to remain lower than that reported in 2002. We are dedicated to addressing crime and disorder by employing a variety of innovative and comprehensive crime control strategies.

Citizen Satisfaction

Our Department is pleased that our latest Citizen's Satisfaction Survey revealed that 92% of Margate's residents were confident in the department's ability to deal with criminal activity and address neighborhood problems.

Making Strides

We have, and continue to implement proactive departmental and community enhancement initiatives, including a comprehensive districting and accountability program. The Department's full-time Special Enforcement Team (SET) has made significant strides working closely with our dedicated men and women in uniform and plainclothes. Our SET team targets criminal activity based upon an analysis of crimes and victimization trends. We believe these initiatives in concert with our exceptional community partnerships and our outstanding victim services have been instrumental in our ability to effectively fight crime and enhance quality of life in the community.

More Information

Additionally, the membership of the department continues to embrace the guiding principles of our department based upon our collective vision, mission, and values. These guiding philosophical tenets serve to enhance our entire membership's commitment of providing the optimal delivery of services to our community. Our slogan “Policing is a Partnership” underscores our reliance on community input as a means of guiding our delivery of law enforcement services.

If you have a non-emergency issue or community problem that you would like to bring to our attention, please feel free to e-mail us. We also welcome and solicit suggestions or comments to help us better serve the community.

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