About Development Services

The Development Services Department helps assist and promote the economic vitality of the City by:

  • Attracting, retaining and expanding targeted industries
    • including a special focus on small business growth
  • Expanding the local tax base
  • Fostering partnerships
  • Promoting job opportunities for its residents

In addition, the Development Services Department carries out all planning and zoning functions, state and federal housing grant administration, and local business tax receipts to further fulfill the immediate needs and long-term visions of the City. The  Development Services Department is here to work with you in locating your business in Margate or to answer your questions and concerns.

Margate through the Years…

1950: Margate History

Margate began its story as undeveloped farmland of beans, peppers, and eggplants. In the 1950s, Jack Marquese purchased 1,700 acres from Victor Semet, an early Margate developer and the town’s first Mayor.

Marquese had a vision to create a “City With A Plan” - a plan that would incorporate built-in zoning and offer the opportunity for its residents to enjoy many amenities uncommon to newly developed areas - sidewalks, streetlights, and sewers.

2000: Margate Today

Margate, an incorporated City of Broward County, has blossomed with more than 55,000 residents in approximately 9 square miles. The City is comprised of a mix of residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, and conservation uses. In 2007, the City created the Transit Oriented Corridor (TOC) mixed-use land use category by designating over 1180 acres along State Road 7 and Atlantic Boulevard for future redevelopment opportunities.

The bedroom community lifestyle offers young adults, families, and senior citizens a small town feeling, while location and proximity to major roadways grants residents easy access to amenities throughout the region. The City is home to numerous amenities and services for everyday activities such as local and national businesses, parks, and waterways. Margate is also a self-sustaining community by having its own police and fire departments and water and wastewater treatment facilities, which also provides services to surrounding communities.

2030: Margate Tomorrow

The overall redevelopment efforts will create opportunities for mixed-use development that are urban in nature, pedestrian-friendly, and focused on multi-modal transportation options. The new City Center will offer a variety of unique and local retailers, businesses, and restaurants where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the community atmosphere, as once described by Marquese - “City With A Plan.”