The Margate Public Works Roads Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of all City-owned Rights-of-way. A right-of-way is the complete area from back of sidewalk on one side of the street to back of sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. City roadways generally include all interior streets (except some private communities) and some of the main thoroughfares which dissect the City (approximately 110 center line miles).

As well, we maintain all pedestrian sidewalks throughout the City. With many trees planted close to the sidewalks, we do encounter lifting and movement of the concrete sidewalks and we are constantly on the lookout for tripping hazards which do occur from time to time.

City - Owned Streetlights

The Roads Division is also responsible for the maintenance of all City-owned streetlights within the City limits. We also have streetlights that are owned by other entities such as the State of Florida (which we maintain), Broward County (maintained by the County) and Florida Power and Light (FPL), which maintains its own streetlights as well. These areas are delineated by the entity responsible for the particular roadway e.g. Street Road 7-owned by State but maintained under contract by the City of Margate.

All interior streetlights are the responsibility of FPL. There is an 11 digit identification number (usually vertically placed) on the pole. This number can be called in to FPL Service 954-797-5000 for repair. They usually have the repair complete within a five to ten day time frame.

Contact Us

Problems with any City roads or sidewalks i.e. potholes, sinkholes, tripping hazards and the like, should be called in to the Margate Public Works Department at 954-972-8126 for repair. If you are not sure of the ownership, simply call Margate Public Works Department at 954-972-8126 with the address and/or pole number and, as a courtesy we will notify the appropriate entity for repair.