stormwater drainThe Stormwater Division for the City of Margate is responsible for maintaining the flow of water from naturally occurring precipitation which enters our storm drain inlets, through our drain pipe system to where it ultimately ends up in our City’s canals. The Stormwater Division prides itself on ‘keeping the flow’ over the years and having a great record for flood control.


The first line of defense for good drainage is in the daily use of our Sweeper. You will see our operators in various areas of the City, continually sweeping to deter leaves, trash and other items from entering the drainage system. Preventing materials from going down the drain is first and foremost. 

If refuse makes it into the system, our Vacon is the next major tool we have for clearing it from the system. Basically a very big vacuum, this piece of equipment is invaluable for the removal of potential blockages from our drain pipes and culverts.

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If you notice an inlet that is covered with debris or a drain that is not draining, please call the Public Works Department at 954-972-8126 for immediate service.