Canal Services

Canal MaintenanceCanal Cleaning

Another service provided by our Stormwater Division is canal maintenance. This very vigorous service is responsible for keeping our 55 miles of waterways clear and aesthetically pleasing. Living in a sub-tropical climate has its challenges when it comes to our canals. During the hot summer months, waterborne weeds such as hygrophila and hydrilla grow at an accelerated rate thereby making it difficult for watercraft to travel on the water as well as restricting water flow. 

Public Works Stormwater Division now has two harvesters which cut the weeds below the surface and by a conveyor, load them onto a trailer for disposal. As well, we stock grass carp into the canals whose favorite food is hygrophila and other water grasses. If you see excessive weed growth or debris on the waterways, please call the Public Works Department at 954-972-8126.