rental registration

Information needed:

  • Owner's name, address of residence, phone number and email address, and emergency contact information.
  • If the owner is a corporation, partnership, LLC, or any legal entity: Full Corporate name, address of business, name and address of the registered agent, and the state of incorporation.
  • Tenant’s name, phone number, and email (Information needed for each tenant)
  • Legal Agent contact information  (The legal Agent and the Property Manager can be the same person if the criteria below is met)
  • Property Manager contact information. (This person must live within 30 miles of the property)
  • Contact information for any HOA or complex name.
  • The legal address of the rental dwelling as indicated by the Broward County Assessor's office.
  • Contact information for every recorded mortgage holder on the premises.
  • The number and size of each bedroom.
  • Identify each bedroom specifically by number and location within the dwelling.
  • The number of beds in each bedroom.
  • Copy of the property floor plan.
  • Whether an owner has ever been cited for and found guilty of any required code-related violations. Include date, jurisdiction, nature of the violation, and disposition.
  • Certification that all tenants have been screened and have no violations related to Article XII-Sexual offender & Sexual Predators of City of Margate, FL.
  • To view Article XII, click here