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1. I have a question about my water bill. Who do I contact?
2. My water was turned off. Who do I contact to get my water restored?
3. How do I report water or sewer emergencies (e.g., water main break, sewer backup)?
4. How do I report a broken water meter box or sewer cleanout?
5. When and where is free recycled paint given out?
6. When do I place out my garbage, recycling, yard waste, and / or bulk waste out for collection?
7. My garbage, recycling, yard waste, and/or bulk waste was not picked up. Who do I contact?
8. I just purchased my home and there is no garbage and / or recycling cart(s). How do I get one?
9. Am I responsible for the garbage and recycling carts?
10. Can I take the garbage and / or recycling carts with me if I move?
11. What if my garbage or recycling cart is damaged?
12. What do I do if my garbage or recycling cart is stolen?
13. I would like an additional garbage and/or recycling cart. How do I get one?
14. I still have my old recycling bins, what do I do with them?
15. My garbage cart and/or recycling cart is too big / small. Can I have a different size garbage and / or recycling cart?
16. Where can I recycle or properly dispose of items not allowed in my garbage or recycling carts?
17. Who do I contact for questions about recycling?
18. Is a permit required to replace or widen a driveway?
19. Do I need a permit to relocate or remove a tree?