Public Safety Communications Manager

Michael joined the Department in 2022, bringing 36 years of Public Safety Communications experience to Margate from Southern Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado. Michael is a Certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and Certified Center Manager (CMCP) through the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). Michael has been the previous first, second Vice-President and President of the Colorado NENA association, Executive Director of Metro Region for the Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado’s state P25 radio system, and a member of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission 9-1-1 Task force along with Chair of Next-Gen 911 State Taskforce. Michael has built, managed, and directed five State of the Art 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points, four municipal and countywide VHF & P25 Public Safety Radio Systems, five 9-1-1 Systems, in-house Radio shops, and Public Safety IT departments throughout his career. Mike also brings corporate behind-the-scenes 9-1-1 database management and networking experience working with Intrado and telecommunication companies like Ameritech/Southwestern Bell, BellSouth/AT&T, PAC-Bell, US-West, and Century Link. Mike’s leadership has provided for a multitude of International, National, State, and Local recognition in 9-1-1 and Public Safety throughout the country, focusing on Leadership, Customer Service, and Personnel Development.

Mike plans, coordinates, and manages the Criminal Justice Information System, DAVID, FALCON, Radio Services, and Front Desk for the department. Mike is also the liaison for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on FCIC/NCIC, Broward County Radio System, and Broward County Sheriff’s Office for 9-1-1 Communications, CJIS Coordinator, FALCON Coordinator, PAS Coordinator, Terminal Agency Coordinator, Emergency Alerts Administrator, and Public Fingerprinting Services.