Development Opportunities and Programs


Commercial Property Improvement Grant Programs

Over the years, as newer developments have come into surrounding areas, some of the older shopping centers and storefronts in Margate have fallen into disrepair due to aging and neglect. These properties lack aesthetic appeal and are not as attractive to potential tenants or shoppers. Recognizing that improving the physical appearance of buildings and storefronts contributes to the overall character of a business district and can ignite economic development, the Margate Community Redevelopment Agency (MCRA) initiated Commercial Property Improvement Grant Programs. The programs are designed to encourage property owners to voluntarily upgrade the exteriors of their property. The Property Improvement Grant Program provides grant funding for façade improvements and/or landscaping upgrades for commercial properties located in the target areas, on a re-imbursement basis for pre-approved improvements. Eligible façade grant expenses include design fees, permit fees, construction costs for new impact storefront systems, awnings, exterior light fixtures, etc.; eligible landscaping expenses include landscape design fees, asphalt removal, plant materials, irrigation systems and installation, permits, water meter installations, and water impact fees. See program policies and procedures for more information.

Program funding recipients must enter into an agreement that guarantees the recipient will not alter the funded improvements, and will maintain the funded improvements for a minimum of five years. Potential applicants must schedule a pre-submittal meeting with the MCRA staff. The MCRA will not consider funding for work undertaken prior to approval by the MCRA, nor for work previously done, underway, or currently permitted. Interested property owners should call 954-935-5324 or email (IT link) to schedule a pre-submittal meeting to discuss the proposal. The Property Improvement Grant Programs and Policies and Procedures can be found below.

Commercial Property Facade Improvement GrantProgram Guidelines (PDF)
Application (PDF)
Commercial Property Landscape Improvement Grant
Program Guidelines (PDF)
Application (PDF)

Development Infrastructure Assistance Program

The Development Infrastructure Assistance (DIA) Program is an incentive program for private, for-profit entities investing a $1 million or more in renovation or new construction cost within or adjacent to the public rights of way of a commercial building. Targeted projects are those that include quality office and commercial space, including new and/or existing commercial buildings, hotel projects, and mixed-use buildings. To qualify, projects must fulfill the following objectives:

  • Improve both the physical appearance of the redevelopment area and the property values/marketability of surrounding properties
  • Improve existing properties and their value
  • Create improved infrastructure on both public/private land
  • Facilitate commercial development in the MCRA District
  • Facilitate commercial development that creates employment opportunities within walking distance of transit.

Eligible projects can receive 50% of the costs of eligible site improvements up to an amount not to exceed 75% of the projected Tax Increment Funds ("TIF") generated by the improvements over a three year period following project completion. The maximum reimbursement may not exceed $250,000. Approved applicants will be required to enter into a formal agreement with the MCRA.

Auto oriented uses are not eligible unless they address a specific need (i.e., providing jobs for hard-to-employ persons, filling a gap in a particular service, or otherwise meeting a need identified in the Margate Community Redevelopment Plan.


2185 N. State Road 7 (Premier Automobile Sales)

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Buildings in Black and WhiteBuildings

Business Incentive Grant Program

The Business Incentive Grant Program is designed to help facilitate the establishment of new businesses and aid in the expansion or renovation of existing businesses within the Margate Community Redevelopment Agency (MCRA). The program provides financial assistance in form of a grant to new and existing businesses to reduce the initial cost associated with the interior construction or renovation of the commercial operating space or other improvements in accordance with the Implementation Plan. Improvements paid for by the MCRA must be permanent and stay with the building.

Program Guidelines and Application (PDF)

Existing Commercial and Industrial Property Improvement Program

The Existing Commercial and Industrial Property Improvement Program is designed to significantly improve the appearance of the exteriors and landscaping of existing commercial and industrial properties within the Margate Community Redevelopment area. The program’s mission is to stimulate revitalization and private sector capital investment by proactively addressing deteriorating property conditions and encouraging improvements which increase economic vitality.

Proposed project must be a comprehensive renovation of the property. Project must include significant exterior improvements of the building, enhanced landscaping, lighting and pedestrian access features, and must comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Program Guidelines and Application (PDF)