Inspection & Renewals

Receiving a Certificate of Inspection 

Self-Inspection Form

An annual self-inspection checklist is due upon the registration of any rental property.

If there are remaining items on the inspection, not completed the owner has 10 business days to complete the inspection to receive a Certificate of Inspection.

Every year the owner must certify that the property remains in compliance and shall remain as such. The Certificate of Inspection must be hung in an obvious place in the unit.

Completed Rental Property inspection forms are to be emailed to 

Renewal Process

For all renewals, contact:

Renewals for residential rental properties are due every 12 months on the anniversary of the original registration date.

A new Self-Inspection must be completed, and the prescribed fee paid for the property to receive a new Certificate of Inspection.

A renewal must be submitted within 30 days of the initial application date, or a late fee will be assessed.