Animal Control

Top Animal Control and Nuisance Issues 10

Where do I call if I have a problem with an animal?

Answer: For immediate assistance with sick, injured, or stray animals call the police non-emergency line at (954) 764-4357. For general questions, or if you don't need immediate assistance with an animal related call, contact (954) 972-7111. For deceased animals in the roadway call Public Works at (954) 972-8126. For deceased animals on your property call (954) 972-7111.

I have lost my pet, where can I look for it?

Answer: If your dog or cat is picked up by the City of Margate it will be taken to the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption (954) 359-1313. All other types of pets are taken to the South Florida Wildlife Center (954) 524-4302. We also keep a log of lost and found pets. If you’ve lost, or found a pet please call (954) 972-7111.

I have a pet that I can no longer take care of, what are my options?

Answer: You can surrender your pet to any shelter or to the Humane Society. Stray dogs and cats must be taken to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption. If you surrender your dog or cat to the City of Margate it will be taken to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption.

Will the City of Margate remove wildlife from my property?

Answer: No, we do not remove nuisance wildlife. If you have wildlife that is sick or injured, you can call the police non- emergency line (954) 764-4357. You can also contact a private trapping company to remove the nuisance wildlife. A City of Margate permit is required to trap wildlife. Wildlife cannot be relocated in Florida. If you trap a wild animal on your property, it cannot be released into a wooded area.

What can I do about my neighbors’ animals that are running loose every day?

Answer: All pets must be kept confined to a fenced in yard or confined to a leash. The owner of the animals can be cited for allowing the animals to be running at large (City Ordinance 6-26). You can call the police non-emergency line at (954) 764-4357 to report the incident.

We have problems with feral cats and cats belonging to our neighbors constantly destroying our flower bed. How do we remove them?

Answer: You can trap any cats on your property. The traps must be set on your own property. You can use a city trap or purchase your own trap. The cats must be turned over to Broward County Animal Care and Adoption (954) 359-1313 or contact the City of Margate (954) 764-4357 for pick up. You cannot release the cat in another neighborhood. All trapped animals must be treated humanely.

What can be done about the neighbor’s dog that is constantly barking?

Answer: Dogs do bark from time to time, however, if this is a continuous problem it can be reported by calling the police non-emergency line at (954) 764-4357. The dog owner can be cited for City Ordinance 6-29 (Noisy Animals).

What is the policy for picking up after your dog?

Answer: City Ordinance 6-31 states that you “must” immediately pick up after your dog when in defecates on any public or private property.

My neighbor has a rooster that wakes me up early every morning.   Are they allowed to keep a rooster as a pet?

Answer: No. City Ordinance 6-60 states that it is unlawful to maintain, raise or house chickens within the City of Margate.

Can I feed the ducks?

Answer: No, you cannot feed or leave food out for the ducks within the city. City Ordinance 6-63.