1. Residential
  2. Multi-Family
  3. Commercial
  4. Deposits
  5. Additional Fees


Water Consumption Charge (Per Thousands of Gallons)

                                                0-6,000   6,001-15,000   15,001-25,000   over 25,000

Inside Margate                          $3.76             $4.70                  $5.65             $6.58

Outside Margate **                   $4.70             $5.87                  $7.07             $8.21

Basic Availability Charges

                                                                             Inside                           Outside**

Water                                                                      $12.58                          $15.72

Wastewater (Sewer)                                            $31.94                          $39.93

Garbage                                                                  $28.39                          N/A

Recycling                                                                $5.48                            N/A

Stormwater *                                                          $10.02                           $4.91

Utility Tax (on water charges only)                    10%                              8%            

Hydrant Fee (billed annually)                             $3.35                           $3.35

Garbage, Recycling, Solid, and Bulk Waste Collection Service

The City of Margate has awarded an exclusive franchise to Republic Services for the collection of residential curbside garbage and recycling, commercial garbage, and multi-family recycling. Click for more information relating to Garbage, Recycling, Bulk pickup, and Yard Waste. City of Coconut Creek is serviced by ALL Service Refuse Company, Inc.

Stormwater Utility Program

The City performs stormwater operations and maintenance to lakes and canal.  For more information, view the Stormwater Brochure.

*For the properties north of Coconut Creek Parkway, south of Sample Road and east of State Road 7, the stormwater rate is $6.26.

**Outside Margate includes the section of Coconut Creek south of Coconut Creek Parkway, and 1102-1190 S State Road 7, in North Lauderdale.