The history of the City of Margate Fire Department dates back to 1957 with the birth of the "First Volunteer Fire Department of Margate".

Fire Chiefs of Margate

Charles Bower (1957)

Warren West (1958) - City Salary - $1 per year

Bill Kovach(1960)

John ("Bud") Chermack (1961)

Fred Schroeder (1967)

James Neveils (1969)

Robert Lindley (1969) - 1st Paid Fire Chief

Frank Porcella (1988)

Garrisson Westbrook (2010)

Tony Stravino (2010)

Frank Edwards (2013 to 2015)

Dan Booker (2015-2019) 

Roberto Lorenzo (Current)

Complete History

View the complete history (PDF) of the Margate Fire Department. Story courtesy William P. Cahill. Read "The Story of Margate."