Permitting and Construction Inspections

Permit Fees

Permit fees help cover the cost of issuing a permit and performing inspections. City staff will calculate the total permit fee and notify you of the exact amount prior to permit issuance. Payment must be made by cash or check. You are able to estimate your permit fees by referring to Inspection and Permit Fees (PDF)

Impact Fees

Water, sewer, stormwater, police, and fire impact fees are assessed to help pay for the cost of providing public services and to help fund expansion of facilities needed to provide those public services. Impact fees are calculated by the Engineering department and payment is due before issuance of your building permit. Water and sewer impact fees are assessed for new construction, additions or expansions, and sometimes due to changes in use. 

For example, a building originally used as a department store and then converted to a hair salon uses much more water after the change in use. Additional impact fees will likely have to be paid. Stormwater utility fees are calculated by Engineering department staff. The fee is paid monthly through your water bill.

City Code & Stormwater Information

Construction Inspections

Once you receive your engineering permit you must schedule a pre-construction meeting with the inspector assigned to your project. The pre-construction meeting will cover submittals required during construction, required inspections, record drawing requirements, easements, the project closeout process, and bond release requirements. The overall requirements are outlined in Engineering Permit Construction Requirements (PDF).