Traffic Management & Traffic Engineering

The City’s Public Works Department performs maintenance on city-owned streets while the Department of Environmental and Engineering Services (DEES) oversees construction of new streets. Additionally, the City has transferred certain traffic-related functions to Broward County. These functions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Establishing speed limits
  • Designating crosswalk locations
  • Installing and maintaining
    • Street name signs
    • Traffic signs
    • Traffic signals

Traffic Calming Program

The City has instituted a traffic calming program to help address traffic related concerns of its residents on residential streets. Through this program, staff works with residents to identify traffic problems in their neighborhoods and create a neighborhood traffic plan that consists of solutions that are acceptable and appropriate. 

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Manual

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Manual serves as a guide to assist residents when addressing serious traffic-related issues in their individual neighborhoods. For details on the procedure for initiating a traffic calming study in your neighborhood, view Neighborhood Traffic Management Manual (PDF).