Commercial Customer

Commercial Customers

As required by City code (Sec. 19-5), all buildings, structures, and lands within the City shall subscribe to garbage collection services through the City’s exclusive franchise. To establish, change, or discontinue garbage collection services, commercial customers should contact Republic Services directly at 954-583-1830.


Commercial establishments are also encouraged to recycle and may contact a registered recovered materials hauler to establish recycling collection services. Please note that all recyclable materials must be source separated; meaning that recyclable materials shall be separated from garbage and trash by the commercial establishment where the recyclable materials and garbage is generated. 

Any recyclable material container containing ten percent (10%) or more, by weight or volume, of non-recyclable materials shall be considered garbage and be subject to collection by the City’s franchised waste hauler for a fee.

Any business that wishes to haul recoverable material from commercial locations within the City must submit their annual registration by September 30 every year.

Commercial Recovered Materials Hauler

The City’s Registered Recovered Materials Haulers are:

  • Coastal Waste & Recycling: 954-947-4000
  • Great Waste: 305-297-1530
  • Panzarella Waste & Recycling Services: 954-320-9594
  • Republic Services: 954-583-1830
  • Waste Connections of Florida: 305-638-3800
  • Waste Management: 954-974-7500
  • Waste Pro: 954-633-2530

Commercial Recovered Materials Hauler Application (PDF)

Commercial Construction and Demolition Debris

All construction and demolition debris generated at, and hauled from, commercial properties must engage the services of one of the City's Non-Exclusive Franchisees. The City's current Non-Exclusive Franchisees are:

  • Panzerella Waste & Recycling Services: 954-320-9594
  • Republic Services: 954-583-1830
  • Waste Management: 954-974-7500

Haulers who wish to haul this material must obtain a Non-Exclusive Franchise prior to obtaining any accounts. Haulers can submit an application for a Non-Exclusive Franchise at any time throughout the year.