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Are you looking for a career change that will get you out of your old routine? You may want to consider a career as a police officer. While being a law enforcement officer comes with its share of risks and challenges, this career path offers an array of opportunities and rewards.

The City of Margate is seeking qualified applicants for the position of certified and non-certified Police Officer. The Margate Police Department is a fully accredited Agency committed to building a safe and orderly environment through active partnership with the community in order to achieve the department’s mission: Policing is a Partnership. Our fast-paced organization operates through integration of our vision, strategies, and actions that we believe help us build a safer community.

If you are interested in learning more about this position and applying, please complete the following:

1. Visit the following link below:

2. The City of Margate Job Opportunity 

3. Read the job details for Police Officer, then click “apply now”.

The City of Margate's police officers are responsible for maintaining peace and safety, protecting life and property, as well as promoting community engagement and trust.

Being a police officer is truly about service provided to others. Millions of acts of kindness are committed each year by police officers. Millions of lives are changed for the better by the compassion and dedication of police officers who are committed to helping people.

Could this be you? We hope so! Visit the website and apply today

The Margate Police Department is an equal opportunity employer.